Being Awesome

Lloyd and Teddy had hopes and dreams.

That stuff didn’t work out.

Everyone knows what it’s like to feel stuck, lost, and disappointed. We all have times when we struggle to accept who we are and can’t quite seem to embrace our lives and everything we have. Teddy and Lloyd are far from exceptions.

Disillusioned and unable to move past their failures, Teddy and Lloyd have become, unequivocally, their own worst enemies. “Being Awesome”, a new independent feature film, is the story of their struggle to turn things around and feel the kind of validation that we all need.

Being Awesome– a comedy-drama, is an independent feature film shot in Memphis, TN and produced by Open Dialogue Productions. Open Dialogue is a newly formed production company whose partners all have extensive experience as filmmakers and actors. We’re a very enthusiastic, award-winning group who are also close friends.

Being Awesome will be completed in the fall of 2013 and is currently seeking festivals and distribution.