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    Screen Actors Guild Foundation

    Huge thanks to the Screen Actors Guild Foundation for screening BEING AWESOME and having us for this Q&A!:

    We had a blast and hope to remain involved with this awesome organization for many years to come.

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    Dances With Films

    We are beyond thrilled to announce that BEING AWESOME will screen at this year’s Dances With Films in Los Angeles! We’re honored to be a part of this amazing festival and will let you guys know our screening date and time soon. (The festival runs May 29 – June 8.) A huge thanks to the good folks at Dances With Films, our incredible cast and crew, and our wonderful families and friends for all of the tremendous support! http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/dances-films-unveils-festival-lineup-700864


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    Julien Dubuque Film Festival

    A huge thanks to Susan Gorrell and everyone with the Julien Dubuque Film Festival for sharing BEING AWESOME with their audiences! We hope to be there next year with WE GOT LUCKY and/or BAD, BAD MEN!


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    Ron Tibbett Audience Award

    We can’t believe won the Ron Tibbett Audience Award at the Oxford Film Festival!!! We couldn’t be prouder of the work that our team did on this movie, and it’s so incredibly rewarding to have the movie connecting with audiences. We had a blast at the festival and met so many wonderful people. THANK YOU to everyone with the Oxford Film Festival, to all of the great audience members who were kind enough to share their feelings about the movie with us, and to everyone who has supported us so wholeheartedly over all these years. Simply put, we are very, VERY happy about this. :)


  • Drew Smith accepts the Indie Memphis Hometowner for "Being Awesome"


    Indie Memphis Hometowner Feature

    We just wanted to share the good news: Being Awesome won the Hometowner Narrative Feature Award at Indie Memphis this year!

    We had a great time at the festival and can’t thank the folks at Indie Memphis (especially Erik and Brighid) enough for their shared awesomeness.

    Here’s some of the nice things people said about our film:

    “Just watched BEING AWESOME at Circuit Playhouse as part of Indie Memphis…and it was awesome.  Truly.”~ Craig Brewer – Writer/Director of Black Snake Moan and Hustle and Flow.

    “You think you might know these characters, then as it emerged, it really took a fresh line on these characters… great performances and beautifully shot.” ~ Justin Doherty – Indie Memphis Juror and co-founder of the Filmstock Festival.

    “Being Awesome’s emotional dialogue, the real meat of the film, sometimes is all too real – awkwardness and all. It’s a charm that leaves you to cheer on Teddy and Lloyd during this coming-of-middle-age story.” - ~ Alexandra Pusateri, Memphis Flyer

    We can’t wait to share Being Awesome with more people at festivals across the country.


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    meet the writer-director

    When I was little kid, I remember being seized by a need to feel understood and to understand others. I needed to connect. I quickly realized that life is all about relationships, and that, at the end of the day, nothing else really matters. When exploring and nurturing my relationships, I always wind up learning more about myself and taking measure of the feelings and thoughts that make up who I am. I pour a lot of myself into my writing. I have to. My approach to writing helps me to feel more understood and to understand others. It helps me connect. When I write, I take a good look at my relationships, what I’ve learned from them, and figure out what it is that I have to say about them. I figure out what it is that I have to say for myself.

    It’s so incredibly rewarding for me when the people who I want to bring a script to life with really respond to what I’ve written. On every project, I work with people who I already have strong bonds with and bring on board people who I’m excited to develop partnerships with. We’re all in it together, working towards a common goal with respect for each other and having a damn good time doing so. When the project is complete, we’re thrilled to be able to share it with an audience. Staging a play or screening a film I’ve written and brought to life with my team is such a gratifying experience. They all start with my need to make and strengthen connections in life, which then brings me to my need to explore and express, which then brings me to my need to be a part of a passionate artistic community, which then brings me all the way back around to my need to connect. God, I love that cycle. Ha! Doing this work and sharing it with an audience is such an honor for me. It’s beyond exhilarating. I’ll never stop. I’m so grateful to be able to do what I do, especially with people who I admire so much and just really enjoy collaborating with.

    “Being Awesome” is the movie I’ve been building towards for many years. It’s a film that I know I’ll be able to show proudly and stand behind for the rest of my life, but none of this would mean anything if it weren’t for my amazing family and friends. This movie’s for them, and this movie’s for anyone who needs to feel a little more understood.

    -Allen C. Gardner